They found love at La Trobe

Alumni couple celebrate their honeymoon at La Trobe

When international students, Maria (Fer) Zapata and Markus Schiller, met at La Trobe University while studying an MBA in 2011, little did they know they would be returning to Melbourne in 2014 to celebrate their honeymoon.
Last year the Alumni and Advancement Office launched a competition to find the most 'loved up' La Trobe couple.  Many compelling entries were received from couples around the world, but it was Markus and Fer's story that captured our attention.  Following their win, Markus and Fer returned to La Trobe in September 2014 to celebrate their honeymoon.  They were married in April 2014

Like many international students, Markus and Fer were seeking a cultural exchange when they arrived at La Trobe, Melbourne.  Markus was from Germany and Maria was from Mexico.  They bonded over lectures and conversations while waiting for the campus bus at the GSM (Graduate School of Management).
Fer and Markus are delighted to be back in Melbourne to reunite with old friends and see familiar sites, in a place that holds some of their happiest memories.
"We both had such a great experience at La Trobe and enjoyed the cultural exchange.  It was very much an international experience and we made some great friends from around the world and learned so much about their food and culture," said Fer.
Fer and Markus will conclude their trip with a visit to Uluru before heading back to Germany, where Markus works as a freelance consultant at Deutsche Borse Group (German Stock Exchange) and Fer works as a marketing consultant.

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