The Writing China Seminar

The Marco Polo Festival of Digital Literature is a series of events ran during late August that brings together writers, readers and translators from China and Australia who have used the internet as a core element of their practice.

It inspires a journey through digital literature of languages via a series of translation events, online discussions and panel discussions.

A seminar themed Writing China was proudly co-hosted on 25th August by the Confucius Institute and the Centre for China Studies at the Borchadt Library of La Trobe University. The speakers were Zhang Tianpan, a Southern Metropolitan Daily journalist (one of China's largest and most independent newspapers), and Jiamin Zhao, the founder of China's largest community translation platform, Yeeyan.

The growth of the Internet and its ever increasing Chinese user base has helped solidified just how integral the Internet is as a platform in regards to sharing information, and to express ideas and share opinions. As such, the changing face of Chinese cultural discourse through digital technologies was discussed in depth.

The evolution of Internet-slang plays an important role in the reflection of social statues, as well as news media sources such as Microblog, Wechart and Tencent, host critical roles in enhancing the interaction between the Government and the public.

It is difficult to deny that digital media has become a vital force in motivating social progress.

China Writing Seminar

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