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Introducing the Australia China Youth Association (ACYA)

The ACYA La Trobe University Chapter was founded just over a year ago, through an inaugural meeting held on the 7th of August in 2013.  On the 12th of September, ACYA LTU was officially affiliated with the La Trobe University Student Union.  This would not have been possible without the firm support of Dr Bao Qing Gao from the School of Humanities and Asian Studies faculty.  Further participation and support from the Confucius Institute and Centre for China Studies at La Trobe was also crucial in getting ACYA LTU up and running a year ago.

ACYA La Trobe is part of an international network of ACYA Student Groups which operate throughout both Australia and China.  It is a rapidly growing and expanding network which aims to strengthen relations between Australia and China.  Recently the ACYA network has been able to engage more deeply in the student community of La Trobe University.

ACYA LTU is a La Trobe Student Faculty Society with three key practical purposes:

  1. To act as a platform for students of Mandarin to collaborate and improve their language skills through both informal conversation and also more rigorous academic discussion. This will also involve the organisation of cultural and academic events.
  2. To provide information about career / study opportunities related to China and in particular related to deepening Australia-China relations.
  3. To collaborate with academics from the school of China Studies / Asian Studies as well as with the Confucius Centre at La Trobe University.

ACYA La Trobe welcomes all students of Mandarin to attend their conversations, and academic / cultural events.  This inclusivity applies to students from La Trobe, students from the Confucius Centre / China Studies Centre.  Students from an external institution and others are also welcome to participate in our events.

 How can interested students become involved?

The ACYA LTU Chapter is an open and inclusive faculty society which encourages students to become new members of the group. Interested La Trobe students can sign up by filling in the LTU ACYA Membership Form. Students can fill in this form if they are:

  • interested in just gaining updates about upcoming ACYA – cultural, educational or career oriented events.
  • interested in becoming general members of the group and volunteering with the ACYA in their events or in their committee.
  • expressing interest in applying for a committee team position

Interested students are also invited to visit the ACYA LTU page on the La Trobe University Student Union Website or their ACYA LTU Wordpress Page.
You can also find them on facebook.

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