Social media and the law videos

How has legal practice been impacted by social media and how are our laws adapting to this changing media landscape?

As part of Melbourne Knowledge Week, La Trobe recently hosted a forum on social media and the law.

An expert panel included:

  • Professor Patrick Keyzer, Head of La Trobe Law School
  • Marc Trabsky, Lecture of La Trobe Law School
  • Dr Andre Oboler, CEO of the Online Hate Prevention Institute
  • David Lowden, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of the Bachelor of Journalism (Sport) degree at La Trobe University
  • Hugh Stephens, social media expert and technology consultant.

'The event raised a lot of interesting issues about how the law should regulate social media, or even if it should regulate social media at all,' said Professor Patrick Keyzer.

'At the moment, there's a very live debate about this issue. Is it a realm where freedom of speech should operate unrestrained? Or is it a place where regulation should appropriately operate to make sure that people don't engage in online hate, and to protect the privacy of people who use social media.'

Melbourne Knowledge Week: Social media and the law

In a subsequent discussion, Marc Trabsky and Hugh Stephens further explored whether our legislation is keeping abreast of the challenges social media brings.

Social media and the law: Where to draw the line?

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