Screenrights survey for staff

Copyright symbol in redLa Trobe University has been selected as one of 11 higher education institutions to participate in the 2014-15 survey of audio-visual copying and communication. The survey monitoring period is scheduled for 17 March to 27 April.

The survey arises from the agreement between Australian universities (represented by Universities Australia) and Screenrights. This agreement has been designed to allow copying and communication of broadcast material for teaching purposes. The agreement minimises the amount of record keeping necessary and ensures fair payment for copyright owners. This is achieved by a survey in which universities effectively take it in turns to keep copyright records on each other's behalf.

The survey has two components:

  • Survey of teaching staff in selected areas
  • Survey of all central audio-visual (CAV) units.

Teaching staff in selected areas
During the survey period, selected teaching and appropriate administrative staff (but not students) are asked to declare whether they have made or communicated any copies of television or radio broadcasts for educational purposes. If staff have made or communicated copies then details of the program(s) must be provided.

This will be done through the Nielsen online survey system. Once a fortnight during the survey period, staff will receive an email containing a link to their survey account. Clicking on the link will take the staff member into the system, where they will answer a couple of quick questions on their copying and communication activity.

Central audio-visual (CAV) units and other centrally managed areas
Central AV units will provide the same information in an excel spreadsheet so that they can enter data continuously during the survey period.

Data will be collected on 'anniversary communications'. Also called 'Anniversary Online Copies', these are copies of television and radio programs which are currently accessible on-line and which were posted on the university's network:

(a) in a year before this year; and
(b) which have remained accessible online until now.

For the purposes of the survey, an Anniversary Online Copy will be any copy of a broadcast that was posted on the university's network, intranet or learning management system (such as Moodle) between 17 March to 27 April in any previous year. Anniversary Online copies need to be reported during the survey.

More information
For more information, please contact David Janssen, Acting University Copyright Officer, Digital Infrastructure Section, Library, phone 9479 5360 / 9479 1364 / 0400 885 948.


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