Now you can borrow more for longer

Stack of books with clock on topGood news! We've increased the number and length of time you can borrow books, DVDs or other items from the Library's 2 million strong collection of physical items. Now you can borrow more items at one time, and keep them for longer.

  • Undergraduate students - was 20 items for 14 days, now it's 30 items for 28 days
  • Postgraduates and Honours students - was 30 items for 28 days, now it's 50 items for 60 days
  • Masters and Higher Degree by Research students can borrow an unlimited number of items for 60 days
  • Staff can borrow an unlimited number of items for 90 days.

We've kept the recall times the same so if you need a book you won't have to wait the full borrowing period.

If all this has your head spinning, check the details here:

Don't forget about ebooks! We have more than 300,000 and more being made available all the time.

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