NHMRC Grant Outcomes

NHMRC Project Grants to commence 2015

Natasha Lannin, Julie Ratcliffe, Louise Ada, Coralie English, Maria Crotty

Optimising upper limb recovery following stroke: A randomised controlled trial of the effects of botulinum toxin-A combined with intensive rehabilitation compared to botulinum toxin-A alone.  

$1,036,713 over 3 yrs

Jordana Bayer, Ronald Rapee, Harriet Hiscock, Obioha Ukoumunne, Cathrine Mihalopoulos, Lesley Bretherton

Preventing Child Internalising Problems: Follow up of a population-based randomised trial through middle childhood.

$456,598 over 4 yrs

Megan Maher, Christopher McDevitt, David Aragao, So Iwata

The molecular basis for manganese uptake by pathogenic bacteria.           

$613,134 over 3 yrs

Mark Hulett, Marc Kvansakul, Matthew Perugini

Function and molecular mechanism of histidine-rich glycoprotein in necrotic cell and pathogen clearance.

$509,492 over 3 yrs

Miranda Rose, David Copland, Lyndsey Nickels, Leanne Togher, Marcus Meinzer, Ben Ong, Erin Godecke

COMPARE- Constraint Induced or Multi-Modal aphasia rehabilitation: An RCT of therapy for stroke related chronic aphasia.           

$998,167 over 4 yrs

Hamsa Puthalakath

Developing a new treatment method to prevent lymphopenia associated with sepsis.

$422,500 over 3 yrs

Graham Lamb, Robyn Murphy, Michael McKenna

Molecular basis of Ca2+-dependent disruption of EC-coupling and weakness in skeletal muscle.

$514,492 over 3 yrs

Robert Pike

Complement inhibitors for treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases.              

$604,154 over 3 yrs


Grants awarded to Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute- School of Cancer Medicine

Andrew Scott

Novel Dual Domain Targeting Strategies against ErbB Receptors.

$688,813 over 4 yrs

Matthias Ernst

Altering macrophage phenotype for the treatment of chronic airway disease and lung cancer.

$870,084 over 4 yrs

Early Career Fellowships (Australia)

Laura Edgington - Contribution of MDSC-derived cysteine cathepsins in breast cancer metastasis to bone.  $309,436 over 4years

Tatiana Soares da Costa - Broad Spectrum Inhibition of an Enzyme Antibiotic Target.  $309,436 over 4years


Translating Research into Practice Fellowships

Jacqueline Richmond - Improving access to optimal clinical care for people with chronic hepatitis B through the implementation of a nurse-led model of care.  $172,911 over 2 years

La Trobe University researchers are also investigators on the following grants, administered at other universities

Stephen Begg –(University  of Adelaide) Increasing population health by making better funding decisions: Estimation of the cost-effectiveness threshold for the Australian health system.  Funding $331,398

Travis Beddoe – (University of Adelaide) Novel perspectives on the function of AB5 toxin B subunits.

Funding $1,002,230

Meg Morris – (University of Notre Dame) Innovative Patient Education for Preventing Falls after Hospital Discharge. Funding $573,186

Meg Morris – (Institute for Breathing & Sleep) Continuous Positive Airway Pressure for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in Quadriplegia: A Randomised Trial. Funding $298,462

Leeanne Carey – (Florey Institute) NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Stroke Rehabilitation and Brain Recovery. Funding $2,500,000

Megan Maher – (University of Sydney)  Mechanism of anoxic iron acquisition in pathogenic bacteria. Funding $519,492

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