Music, Language & Tai Chi In Thornbury

Fifty year 9 students from Thornbury High School participated in a cultural experience workshop last Tuesday the 12th of August at the Confucius Institute.

As part of the ongoing community initiatives being pushed forward by the Confucius Institute at La Trobe University, such a workshop needed to be both mentally engaging and insightful.

While Dr. Gao Baoqiang gave an initial welcome and introduction of the Chinese program available at La Trobe University, our very own Chinese teacher, Li Shaojuan, delivered a fun and interactive learning demonstration where students were able to easily learn some basic Chinese by simply listening to Chinese pop songs!

Inspiring words followed from previous students of the Confucius Institute, which significantly encouraged the Thornbury High School students to learn Chinese, and to further understand the culture itself.

Moving the students out of their chairs, Dr. Li Xin then provided another interactive learning experience, where the students were physically engaged and were taught the basic forms of Tai Chi!

Tai Chi 

The feedback was really positive, too. Various students said they never thought that learning Chinese could actually be that interesting and fun. The tour had given them a totally different insight and experience of Chinese language and culture.

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