Expert comments on Flight MH370

Former Air Traffic Controller and current La Trobe PhD student, Ian Thompson, has been interviewed as part of a Four Corners program about missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and the subsequent response.

In his interview, he comments on a number of points including the pilot, confusion in communication between Malaysian and Vietnamese air traffic controllers, and military inaction once the aircraft left its intended civil route.

He also pointed out that Malaysia was slow in responding to warning signs, such as the transponder being turned off, and in activating a search and rescue coordination centre.

Ian, now an air traffic consultant, specialises in air traffic management and operations and airport operational planning.

He writes for several magazines about air traffic management issues and is currently working on a project for the World Bank.

Ian is completing his PhD thesis at La Trobe Business School, focusing on the effectiveness of new technology and how it is working to integrate airports, airlines and air traffic control organisations.

View the Four Corners story, which aired in May.  Ian features at 11:08, 22:41, 25:20, 26:15 and 28:00.

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