Discovery Project Grant Outcomes

Discovery Project Grants ($4,303,148) 

Professor Marilyn Anderson, Dr Nicole van der Weerden, Molecular basis of synergy between proteinase inhibitors and defensins against fungi.  $423,200

Associate Professor Richard Cosgrove, Dr Jillian Garvey, Dr John Webb, Well beaten tracks: antiquity of Aboriginal land use in eastern Tasmania. $356,322

Professor Gary Dowsett, Dr Duane Duncan, Dr Steven Angelides, Muscling Up: Australian men, sexualisation and body image enhancement.  $240,133

Dr Begoña  Heras, Professor Mark Schembri,  Unravelling autotransporter function in bacterial aggregates and biofilms.  $333,400

Dr Susan Hoebee, Dr Peter Weston, Dr Trevor Edwards, Evolution in action or the demise of iconic Australian flora?  $217,700

Dr Conor Hogan, Professor Leone Spiccia, Dr Peter Barnard, Dr Jacek Jasieniak, Electrochemically-sensitized luminescence: A new bio-detection paradigm.  $424,300

Dr Anthony Lyons, Professor Victor Minichiello, Dr Catherine Barrett, Dr Graham Brown, Dr Sharron Hinchliff, Associate Professor Briony Dow, Ms Josephine Root, Combating rising sexually transmitted infections among older Australians.  $321,950

Associate Professor Christopher Pakes, Professor Dr Lothar Ley, Associate Professor Jeffrey McCallum, Dr Dongchen Qi, Surface doping of diamond: A new platform for 2D carbon-based spintronics. $266,300

Associate Professor Matthew Perugini, Dr Santosh Panjikar, The LINK to Regulating Lysine Levels in Wheat. $355,100

Dr Nicola Stern, Dr Zenobia Jacobs, Dr Simon McClusky, Professor Ian Williams, Professor Colin Murray-Wallace, Professor Dr Rainer Grun, Dr Timothy Denham, Landscape archaeology at Lake Mungo. $472,343

Dr Jan Strugnell, Dr Bridget Green, Dr Nicholas Murphy, Associate Professor James Bell, Lost at sea? Understanding adaptation and dispersal in spiny lobsters.  $335,100

Dr Kaye Truscott, Dr David Dougan, Complex II proteostasis in mammalian mitochondria. $320,600

Associate Professor Lawrie Zion, Professor Timothy Marjoribanks,  Professor Matthew Ricketson, Dr Penelope O'Donnell, Dr Andrew Dodd, Mr Kevin Bradley, Mr Michael Dobbie, New Beats: mass redundancies and career change in Australian journalism. $236,700

Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards ($1,764,189)

Dr Christopher Carrie, Characterisation of Novel Import/Assembly Pathways in Plant Mitochondria.  $360,000

Dr Courtney Ennis,Planetary Nitrile Chemistry: Synchrotron Spectroscopic Investigations. $335,000

Dr Sarah Hayes, An Archaeology of Quality of Life During Victoria's Gold Rush. $323,189

Dr Mihwa Lee, The molecular mechanisms of dual nucleic acid specificities of SFPQ. $371,000

Dr Suresh Mathivanan, Understanding the role of exosomes in intercellular communication. $375,000

Successful Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities where La Trobe University is a collaborating organisation

Dr Brian Abbey, Single molecule imaging laboratory administered by the University of New South Wales $560,000

Associate Professor Christopher Pakes, Year-round accessible angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy facility administered by Monash University $370,000

Associate Professor Brian Smith, Dr Marc Kvansakul, Associate Professor Matthew A Perugini, Nano infrared and sub-micron raman spectroscopy and imaging administered by Monash University $700,000.00

Professor Marilyn Anderson, Professor James Whelan, Spinning disk confocal microscope with dual stages administered by The University of Melbourne$346,439.00

Dr John A Webb, A new national electron microprobe facility administered by The Australian National University $970,000.00

Discovery Projects administered elsewhere on which La Trobe Chief Investigators are involved

Dr Peter Sivey, Competition in medical labour markets administered by The University of Melbourne

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