Defence Science Institute awarded grant

Victorian Government funding endorses continued operations of the Defence Science Institute

The Defence Science Institute (DSI) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a $2.0 million grant from the State Government of Victoria that secures the Institute's continued operation.

The Hon. David Hodgett, MP, the Minister for Manufacturing has lauded the Institute's central role in facilitating collaborative, cross-disciplinary research within Victoria aimed at solving long-term challenges facing the Australian Defence Force and industry. This grant will consolidate the Institute's efforts, creating a vibrant defence innovation environment for the benefit of its stakeholders—The University of Melbourne and other participating universities, the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) and defence industry.

Since its inception the DSI has been supported by the State Government of Victoria, the DSTO and The University of Melbourne. Whilst supporting our founding partners continues to be vital to the Institute,under this new grant we are committed to expanding and strengthening our partnerships with all universities in Victoria. James McCluskey, The University of Melbourne's Deputy Vice Chancellor-Research, states that "optimising research outcomes requires collaboration across many institutions and sectors. The DSI has played a central role in achieving this for all of its stakeholders".

The Institute creates research partnerships and leverages funding for defence research and industry. We facilitate research connections between Defence, industry and academia to optimise the outcomes for participants and increase overall defence and national security R&D capability in Victoria. A key strength of the DSI is its knowledge of Victorian research capabilities and its ability to match this to Defence and industry needs.

The Institute supports over 50 research projects and has invested $1.3 million into research and research-related activities within Victoria. To date it has supported 30 PhD students across a diverse range of research topics, creating the defence scientists of the future. DSI investments are making significant contributions in areas as diverse as the optimal design of aerodynamic bodies, novel technologies for the detection of chemical and biological agents, and the advanced control of diesel engines in submarines. The Institute has supported SmartStent in its development of an innovative brain/machine interface technology and, in partnership with the Defence Materials Technology Centre, has helped to secure $1.6 million from Defence for the development of new fuel-cell technology.

Overall the DSI has leveraged more than $15 million into defence relevant research activity in the State, nearly half coming from the DSTO and overseas defence funding agencies such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Office of Naval Research Global (ONRG).

Professor Rob Evans, the DSI's Director, says "I am excited by our plans for the future. Our revised business model will continue to strengthen the connection between Defence, industry, DSTO and universities for the benefit of all, maintaining our role as a key part of Australia's innovation effort."

For further information regarding the Defence Science Institute please refer to the or contact the Institute on (03) 9035 3961 or at

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