Crowd funding - free the frog

La Trobe University's first crowd funding project has been launched on Pozible by Bert De Groef, AgriBio researcher and Animal Science lecturer.

The funds raised will help Bert and his team to conduct pilot experiments investigating the damaging effects of a specific pesticide on Australian native frogs. This common pesticide is used to combat household pests and insect pests in orchards worldwide, however, it was shown to be present in streams in southeast Australia and it is suspected that it may interfere with the hormone balance of wildlife. It is feared that the presence of this pesticide in our environment could affect these processes in native frog species that are already under pressure from habitat loss, other forms of pollution and climate change.

These pilot experiments will provide Bert and his team with solid, scientific proof that will allow them to make a strong case with policy makers and other stakeholders to fund further research into this chemical, to look for sustainable alternatives and/or to adjust policies accordingly. Please help improve the life of our fascinating frogs and other critters!

For more information about Bert and his team's research interests and publications check out their website.

Do you want to crowd fund your research?
Crowd funding is a new and innovative way to fund research. It encourages individuals and communities to get involved and donate to causes that they connect with or would like to support.

We now have a University backed crowd funding process and encourage you to explore the use of Pozible to fund projects and research as another alternative revenue stream.

Certain qualification criteria will be involved, so we will have an information pack available for you shortly.

In the meantime for more information about crowd funding your research please contact Helen Williams (Spear) on 03 9479 3585 or 0409 830 646.

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