Congratulations Matt and Ruth

Another Cognitive Behavior Therapy Research Unit trainee has successfully completed their Doctor of Clinical Psychology research. Matt Stuckey’s thesis entitled “Socratic Dialogue in Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Development of a New Measure for Predicting Therapy Outcome” was passed with one examiner ticking the top box indicating no changes were required and the other only requesting minor amendments.

Matt was supervised by Nik Kazantzis. The research benefited from access to NIMH clinical trial data via Professor Keith Dobson, statistical consultation from Dr David Farchione, and Dr Arthur Stukas in the early development of the measure developed and tested in this research.

An examiner wrote the following in the thesis examination report: “I want to emphasise my respect for the amount of work that went into this thesis. For more than 25 years, I have supervised Masters theses and Doctoral dissertations at my University. The thesis submitted by Mr. Stuckey surpasses any research I have seen here. This is a great study with a massive investment of time and thought. I am impressed with every aspect of this research.”

Congratulations also to Ruth Valentine on the positive assessments of her Doctor of Clinical Psychology thesis, which was entitled “Intergroup Relationships: The role of self-stigma and stigma consciousness in a mental illness sample”. Ruth was supervised by Art Stukas and co-supervised by John Farhall. The reviewers both started their reviews with similar comments: “I enjoyed reading Ms Valentine’s…thesis…” and “This was an enjoyable thesis to read”.

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