Congratulations Louise

Congratulations to Louise Simm on the successful completion of her PhD. Her thesis, which was entitled "Making sense of self in Alzheimer's disease: Reflective function and cognitive status", was passed with only minor amendments. Impressively, the 2nd reviewer indicated no changes were required and nominated the thesis for the Nancy Millis Medal which is reserved for the top 5% of theses. They also commented "As an examiner, I found it a pleasure to read and review this thesis, and I learned new and thought-provoking information about this important topic."

Louise was initially supervised by Robert Jamieson (a former staff member based on the Bendigo campus which is also where Louise studied) with Glynda Kinsella as co-supervisor. Upon Bob's departure from the university Glynda Kinsella stepped in as Principal supervisor and Ben Ong was brought in as a co-supervisor.

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