Charles La Trobe Chinese Culture Day

The La Trobe University Confucius Institute held our 2nd annual Charles La Trobe College Chinese Culture Day on the 19th of June. With “China” themed programs throughout the day, nearly six hundred students from Prep to Year 12 received short speeches from Liz Stinson, Director of La Trobe International on behalf of Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor, John Rosenberg, Principal Maria Karvouni of Charles La Trobe College and Anthony Carbines, Parliamentary Secretary to the Shadow Ministers for Local Government and Suburbs. All the speakers spoke highly of the Chinese Culture Day and encourage students to learn Chinese language in alignment with government recommendations. Director of the La Trobe University Confucius Institute Professor Pei Likun donated over 200 valuable books to the school on behalf of the Confucius Institute.

Students of all ages from prep to year 12 experienced Chinese culture through a number of activities including: Chinese Kungfu, Chinese Arts, Chinese food, Chinese stories, traditional physical games and Chinese board games. The students flew kites, played Jianzi (a Chinese game similar to hacky sack), jumped ropes and tried different styles of chess. They also learnt some Chinese calligraphy techniques and tasted delicious Chinese food. 

Chinese Culture DayKite FlyingLearning Taichi

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