Calligraphy With Thornbury High School

Two of the staff from the Confucius Institute were invited to deliver a calligraphy workshop on the 10th November for fifty year 10 students from Thornbury High School with the aim of encouraging them to further their knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture.

The workshop itself consisted of a demonstration, multimedia presentations, an introduction to the tools used for calligraphy, as well as student focused activities. 

CalligraphyIt began with an exhibition of calligraphy works and Chinese art. Then some basics on brush strokes and techniques of Chinese characters, as well as a demonstration by the teacher. The students were then asked to practice some basic Chinese characters such as  which means 'good' and phrases like 我爱中文 which means 'I love Chinese'.

The workshop culminated with a presentation of the student's work and the feedback received from the students and teachers was very positive. The Confucius Institute continues to drive forward integration with the local community by interacting with local schools and promoting our brand and services.

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