ARC Linkage Grants – our successes

La Trobe has been awarded a total of $955,207 for three successful projects out of seven applications – one in FSTE and two in FHUSS.

Congratulations to Ashley Franks, Diane Kirkby and Lawrie Zion and their teams on successful applications in the latest round. 

Ashley Franks was awarded $310,000 for a project titled "Synthetic Biology Derived Electroactive Whole Cell Microbial Biosensors."  This project aims to develop integrated microbial biosensors to detect heavy metals in the environment and consequently to expand our ability to protect the ecology, agriculture and health of terrestrial, marine and agricultural areas at risk from economic and environmental damage. 

Diane Kirkby was awarded $374,451 for a project titled "A Century of International Labour Organising for Maritime Safety and Economic Justice."  This project, a partnership with the Maritime Union of Australia, aims to provide a new understanding of the role of Australian unionists as international and regional players for maritime labour standards to inform training and future strategies.

Lawrie Zion was awarded $270,756 for a project titled 'New Beats: mass redundancies, career changes and the future of Australian journalism.'  This project aims to provide the first in-depth account of the complex interplay between economic, technological, workplace and career pressures reshaping professional journalism.

While these awarded projects represent a success rate which is above the national average we are working hard to increase the quality and quantity of applications submitted.