App to help find Library computer (Melb)

labstatsWhen it’s busy in the Melbourne Campus Library it can sometimes be hard to see where a computer is available. ICT and the library teams have created an app to help you find available computers more quickly.

The app gives live information on how many computers are free on each level of the library and within designated computer zones. As computers change from being available to being in use, the colour of the indicator changes from green to orange to red.

The app is available as a mobile app for downloading on to an Android phone or iPhone. You will need to search for it in the App Store under apps for iPhones (not iPads).

The name of the app, ‘Computers La Trobe University’. Note that “latrobe” is listed as one word in the App Store but two words in Google Play.

The app gives details of numbers of computers in each zone. It does not give a map of where each zone is located, but does say Zone B (Front) or Zone E (East Centre) or Zone F (Classroom 2.23) for example. These zones map directly to the signage in the library.

New library floorplans, including computer zones, will be online soon. The ICT team who developed the app are also working to make available a web app.

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