A Chinese Language Map of Australia

Spatial Vision, assisted by the translation services provided by the Confucius Institute at La Trobe University, has produced the first Australian-made Chinese language Map of Australia.

A leading specialist in information and spatial technologies, Spatial Vision identified an absence of Chinese language maps in the Australian market that could support tourists, businesses and Governments alike. Thus began the project. While the company accessed in-house capacity to do an initial translation, they secured the quality review services of the Confucius Institute to confirm the translation of Australian place names.

The map was launched in August at the International Map Industry Association Asia Pacific Conference in Melbourne. Mr Song Yumin, China's Consul-General to China, was formally presented the first print of the new map at the Conference opening.
Spatial Vision 

Mr Song paid tribute to the significance of this initiative recognising the essential part tourism plays in the bilateral relations of Australia and China, stating that in 2014 the number of outbound Chinese tourists is estimated to exceed over 100 million, a number forecast to rise to 400 million over the next five years.

Leigh Harry, the Chief Executive of Tourism Victoria, also attended the Conference opening and reinforced the significance of Chinese tourism to Victoria where the total Chinese tourist spend in Melbourne and Victoria surpasses the next three countries aggregated together.

Spatial Vision

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