10th Anniversary CI Celebration

Around the globe, the Confucius Institute celebrated its 10th anniversary on the 27th September 2014. Melbourne based venue Storey Hall hosted a jointly organised event by the Confucius Institutes at the University of Melbourne, RMIT and La Trobe University.

While hundreds of students and members of the general public participated in the celebration event, many distinguished guests also attended - Educational Counsellor Mr. Zhao Jiang, Chinese Education Consul Mr. Yang Zhiyong, Victoria government MP Ms. Liao Chang'e, and Ms. Shen Luhong from Victoria International Education Department.
Confucius Institute Global 10th Anniversary Celebration 

The celebration event saw many brilliant performances such as stilt walking, traditional Chinese dance, Beijing opera, Chinese folk music, and a modern group dance by Chinese students. Each of the Confucius Institutes also conducted cultural activities where each participant received a completion sticker. Once 8 stickers were collected, participants were entered into a lucky draw! Some of the activities included tea art appreciation, Chinese herb display and calligraphy.

Within recent years, the Confucius Institute has seen a rapid development in the interest to learn the Chinese language and to better understand the culture. As such, Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong was quoted, "The Confucius Institute has become a high-speed railway connecting the hearts of Chinese people and people all over the world, as well as a colourful bond tying together the Chinese dream and the dreams of the entire world."

Confucius Institute Global 10th Anniversary CelebrationConfucius Institute Global 10th Anniversary Celebration

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