Your LMS is getting a major upgrade!

Students using computers 

And the good news is ….. lectures are now being recorded!

In response to student demand and extensive evidence that recorded lectures contribute to student learning as an effective revision and study tool, La Trobe has moved to an “all-in” lecture recording system.  

From Semester 1, 2013 all scheduled lectures timetabled into appropriately equipped (EchoSystem) venues will be recorded by default.   

Lecture recordings do not replace live lectures as attendance at lectures allows you to connect with your lecturer and other students within your discipline.  Live lectures provide students with inspiration and motivation and they may also contain content that is not included in the recording.

As a student, you might choose to use a recorded lecture because:
•    it provides an additional resource for revision and study after the lecture
•    you were present at the lecture but you did not absorb all that was being said
•    you were unable to attend the lecture due to accident or illness, a timetable clash, work or other commitment

Click here for a list of EchoSystem enabled venues.

Lecturers have the option of providing direct links to their recordings in the Learning Management System (Moodle).   More information about the Learning Management System is available here.


What else is new to LMS? Profile Photos!

From Semester 1, staff and student photos will be available in the Gradebook and from within other activities such as Discussion fora.

Existing photos will be overwritten with the official LTU staff or student ID photo. By default, your photo will be visible only to you and the lecturers and tutors of your subjects.

Staff and students have the option of making their photo public and replacing their photo should they wish to do so. You can do this from the Edit Profile setting in the Settings block.

More information about this and other exciting developments including the ability to interact with the LMS via mobile devices and smart phones and ‘QuickMail’ that can be sent from with the LMS can be found here.

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