Welcome New Students!

New Students

We hope Week 1 at La Trobe is going smoothly for you. Hopefully you have already discovered the quickest way to and from uni, found your classrooms, met some people in your course and enjoyed some on-campus culture and cuisine. 



If the Academic Integrity Module (AIM) appears on your list of LMS subjects, please complete it by the end of Week 1. Even if you have studied at tertiary level before, you will need to understand La Trobe’s expectations and policies – and your responsibilities as a member of this academic community. All commencing students will be enrolled in AIM which is accessed via the Learning Management System (LMS).

AIM will guide you through your responsibilities; provide examples of academic misconduct; and show you where to find useful information and examples of referencing styles specific to your course. It will also lead you to other useful information such as the Academic Referencing Module and Academic Referencing Tool provided by the Library where many great resources exist.

If you’re encountering difficulties of any kind, please contact your Connect Mentor, your tutor, or emailnewstudents@latrobe.edu.au 

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