Week 2 - Making Connections

New StudentsResearch clearly shows that establishing friendships and meaningful connections whilst at university, vastly increases a students chance of succeeding and staying at university. 


Uni life is so much more than attending classes and sitting exams. Getting involved in university life, connecting with others and making new friends will help you have a positive overall experience. 

Having someone to share your educational experience with is extremely valuable. Start by talking to the person sitting beside you in your next class – you might even gain a study partner or form a study group together.

Make an effort to join organisations, clubs, groups and societies that interest you as you will be sure to make contact with like-minded people. All La Trobe University campuses have Student Associations - great places to find out what's happening on campus, get involved, and meet new people.

There are a multitude of clubs and societies at La Trobe to suit almost all interests! Most clubs are now affiliated with the Student Organisations on campus, so the best way to find them is by checking out the student organisation websites through the link above. There are heaps of opportunities to get involved at a beginner’s level, but also to take on leadership roles. 

Remember to keep in touch with your Connect Mentor – one of your best resources and ways of staying connected!

For more information on making friends and connections, visit Ready4Uni.

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