Sowing the seeds of science


During the last week of Term 2, students from Eaglehawk Secondary College particiated in the ‘Sowing the Seeds of Science’ program at La Trobe University. The program aims to open the student’s eyes to science, especially the different ways that science helps us understand the world we live in and the various academic pathways on offer at the Bendigo campus. Judging by the way the kids were engaged in these workshops, it is definitely worth having another look at science.

Students from Eaglehawk Secondary College participated in an innovative new program called ‘Sowing the seeds of science’ in the last week of Term 2. The program, put together by La Trobe University and ESC science teacher Michelle Nevins was a winner from start to finish with students taking away many great experiences from their time spent at the Bendigo campus. The key aims of the program were to get students more interested in science via a range of hands-on learning experiences. These programs aimed to teach the students about the way science applies to real life situations, including forensic science, human biology (how the respiratory system works and the skills of CPR) environmental science and many more.

Science-Articles4As well as ensuring the kids enjoyed the sessions and were kept busy in real, hands on science experiments, students also received a real taste of University life, via tours of the facilities, opportunities to use the computer labs, eating and hanging out in the student union etc. Students had the opportunity to discuss which activities they most enjoyed, to ask about different cources on offer at the Bendigo campus, how these might apply to different career pathways, but importantly in working to raise the aspirations of these students and perhaps considering a tertiary pathway down the track, when perhaps they might have set their sights a little lower. Based on the way students were engaged, wide-eyed and busily participating in these activities, it looks as though the seeds have well and truly been sown with students and it is hoped the program will continue for years to come.

Eaglehawk Secondary College is part of the La Trobe University School Partnerships Progam.

Article and photos courtesy of 3556 Magazine, Eaglehawk Secondary College.

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