Science communications in the media

In semester 2 this year Strategic Communication launches its new, online multidisciplinary, undergraduate elective - Science in the Media (STC3SIM).

Delivering on La Trobe’s policy of offering all students flexible learning options, STC3SIM is available to both level two and level three undergraduates in any faculty on any campus.

Instead of lectures, Science in the Media uses video-conversations between the disciplines to engage students directly in the big issues facing science communicators. Why is scientific uncertainty such a problem for the media? Why is climate change represented as a debate? Why do journalists seem to focus on conflict? What does it take to make an award winning science documentary? What challenges does PR pose for scientists and the media? Is radio the best platform for science communication? How should you deal with the media if you win a Nobel Prize? Are science bloggers upstaging science journalists?

Guest speakers featured include: Robyn Williams (ABC Science Show and Ockham’s Razor); Nobel Laureate, Prof Peter Doherty; Tim Thwaites (Science in Public); Jane Rawson (The Conversation) and Emmy award winning science documentary maker, Sonya Pemberton.

Delivered entirely online, STC3SIM was developed with assistance from the Education for Sustainable Development funding administered by La Trobe’s Institute for Sustainability.

For more information please contact:

Dr Mary Debrett

Coordinator: STC3SIM – Science in the Media

Department of Journalism and Strategic Communication

School of Social Sciences and Communication

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Tel: 9479 2167

MOB: 0407 985 301


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