Nominees for Student Representatives at Faculty Board

fbel studentsAt the close of nominations for student representatives at FBEL Faculty Board, eight (8) Undergraduate and six (6) postgraduate nominations were received.

The Undergraduate nominees, in alphabetical order, are:

BROOKER, Victor 

I'm Victor, a final year law/psych student. For the last 2 years I have been a consultant for schools and student groups with a focus on maximising engagement. I also design education apps, and my company will be building an app for the La Trobe LSA for 2014, as well as over 20 other law school associations across Australia. You can see the list at I'm very good at getting results with limited resources. I don't want your vote to add to my resume. I'm already doing what I love: finding ways to improve education. I want your vote so I can help the Faculty give you the best education possible. I want your vote because I'm prepared to challenge the Faculty's current thinking. I want your vote because I can see a better student life at La Trobe and I want to make it a reality. Right now the university does a lot of things right. There are things they can do better too.

DE BORTOLI, Melissa Loren 
Hi my name is Melissa and I am a final year student studying a Bachelor of Laws/Business. I am also Director of Careers for the BSA. As a nominated student representative I understand and fully appreciate that this position is not about me – but every student in the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law. Respect, honesty and care are all values an ideal student representative should possess. I believe I am a good candidate for this position as I embody all these qualities.  As your nominated representative, I would voice your concerns with the faculty in my pursuit for excellence to make La Trobe a better place of learning for both current and prospective business, economics and law students.  By voting for me I believe I would actively address your needs and ensure that they are heard in an effort to improve interaction between students and the facility. I am an extremely competent and dedicated student who is willing to take the time and put in the necessary effort to make our university a better place for all students.  

KENNA, Brianna Erin 
Students are the lifeblood of a University, thus making student representation an exceptionally important aspect of University life. I wish to be elected onto the Faculty Board to ensure that students views and concerns are regularly and accurately represented to the Faculty, so that these can be addressed. I am currently the President of the La Trobe La Students' Association, so I am accustomed to representing students at various events. I believe that election onto the Student Board will be the perfect complement to the Presidency role, as it will allow the LSA and the Faculty to understand the areas of University life that students are happy with, as well as those that need improvement. This role has also enhanced my ability to communicate with a wide range of personalities be it students, academic staff or outside contacts. I know that I will excel in this position if elected, so please cast your vote my way!

My name is Patrick Moffat-Stokes and I am humbly presenting myself as your next representative on the faculty board. In addition to the confidence you can draw my oodles of experience in such positions, what I can guarantee is that I will my exceptional skills in pestering people until they accept my point of view will be applied with gusto to this position. These skills have been honed through activities such as mooting that has made me a powerful arguer in oral debate and writing many letters of complaint to government departments to have Myki infringements set aside et cetera.

Students deserve better, must be well-treated, and well-trained, since they are investing  time and money; Students must get the chance to get a job or internship as soon their course of study is complete; Students from a non-English speaking background must receive unparalleled support for completing their course successfully with highly advanced academic and conversational English; Students must be provided with the best tutors and lecturers for multi-dimensional learning experience, and; Lecturers and tutors should be encouraged to design extra-curricular programmes that allow local students to make social, and professional, connections across different countries, with their international student peers. This would s enable local students to provide activities for international students that address local culture, while encouraging dialogue and mutual coordination. For international students, this would also be an opportunity to address, and communicate, some of their cultural, and professional, ideas and values, strengthening cultural assimilation.

RIZK, Elias 
Experience has shown me during my time at La Trobe that the voice of students and their influence as a body has been somewhat passive. Consultations made with students, in my opinion, are mere formalities without any true reflection of our positions, ideas and requests. I have been inspired by the substantial cuts made ( HUSS Cuts) and lack of communication with students to seek a change. I am seeking your support to speak on your behalf, to take a more active role for students and to contribute to the decision making processes of our faculty which are  truly student orientated. As a collective we are the most important aspect of the university and the faculty and so our opinions and requests should be of the highest priority and influence. Together, we can make a change. 

SMITH, Georgia Ellen 
I would like to be elected to a position as student representative of the Faculty Board as I have now been at La Trobe for three years and throughout those years I have become more involved in the way in which the law school is run. I am currently the Vice President of the Law Students Association and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to further represent all of the undergraduate law students so that the quality of La Trobe's law degree can continue to improve. I believe I am a very approachable person and so would be well placed to represent the views of the majority of students on such issues as assessment policies and procedures and help to advise the Executive Dean as to what issues students are having and ways in which they could be addressed. 

VECCI, Nicholas 
Nicholas is an approachable student representative who wants to make sure the quality of education is kept a high level and isn’t compromised.

The Postgraduate nominees, in alphabetical order, are:

BYATT, Tahanna Shirley Evelyn 
Having already finished my undergraduate degree and continuing onto postgraduate studies, I feel I could confidently say I have a strong idea of some of the emotions and experiences each and every student goes through at university, and as a result I can relate to a wide range of students in a positive way. Having been selected as a Student Representative throughout high school, including School Captain, and now being selected to be a part of Latrobe Law Students’ Association – as voted by my peers, I feel I am equipped with the right tools to strongly represent the Student Body on the Faculty Board. I believe I am a strong communicator, whom is enthusiastic and above all, very approachable and welcoming of others’ opinions and ideas, which I think is crucial for a successful candidate to have in this role. I believe the above skills to be of particular importance, as this role acts as part of a bridge, both in joining and closing the gap between the Faculty and Student Bodies. I believe I have both the experience and personal/professional tools required to act as a strong Student Representative. Thank you for considering my nomination. 

DAVIS, Daniel 
My name is Danny Davis. I am a mature-age student in the 1st year of a PhD in Innovation and Governance. I am a specialist practitioner in Board / Governance practices – and member of Australian Institute of Company Directors - and I understand how to get real things done in this forum.  I am interested in joining the Faculty Board to support innovations leading towards a) an easier to use university and b) ensuring that streamlining and efficiency are the response to the government imposed “crisis in funding” – not a drop in academic quality. I look forward to the opportunity to represent YOUR needs.

OZDIL, Esin 
My name is Esin Ozdil, a PhD student in Accounting. Having undertaken my undergraduate studies in Bachelor of Accounting and Honours in Accounting over a period of 4 years at La Trobe University I have had the opportunity to witness the transitions in students expectations and changes within our university. Continuous evolutions in the university’s external environment, Federal budget cuts and our new strategic plan presents change as the only constant given the volatilities. During these changes it remains vital and in my best interest to ensure that quality teaching and the interest of students is maintained and their expectations and demands are considered. If elected as student representative of the Faculty Board, I will promote quality teaching, informed by research and delivered by modern technologies and for improvements to be made where necessary. I will recommend programs and projects that provide opportunities for students to expand their horizons personally and academically, and enhance experienced based learning tools to help students develop practical experience and create networks essential for career and further education opportunities. As I continuously seek to obtain the opinions and feedback of several students I liaise and network with, I will ensure that the concerns of students are heard and considered and responded to. I believe that students are the foundation of universities, therefore it is integral to provide an unforgettable student experience facilitated by quality teaching and learning and modern technologies and spaces. 

REYNAUD, German Enrique 
It is easy to make promises and not keep them; I am not like that. More competitive, better prepared students who are satisfied with the quality of their courses and who can feel proud of their Faculty and their University; this is what I want and this is what I will work for. However, it is easier to achieve this when you are part of something bigger and you work as a team. There are many problems that need to be addressed and I would like to start being part of the solution. In order to do this I ask only for your support and your vote. Cheers!

SIM, Stephen 
As a student representative, I will endeavour to promote fair equity to post graduate students that ensure fair evaluation and assistance and also in promoting a holistic approach towards university life. I have noticed that many students enrolled in the Research programme, like myself; are not made aware of the assistance that the university provides. How can we ensure that students which are enrolled into the post graduate programme are given proper steps/ guidance to ensure that they have a sense of belonging to the university. We need to give more transparency on spending and allotment of funds in the faculty. And finally, we need to promote the name of La Trobe University, it's brand name and awareness to the community and internationally.

WANG, Ting Ting 
I am Tingting Wang from China. As an international student, I enjoy the experience in La Trobe MBA and I am passionate about improving the studying conditions around us. Actually, I understand exactly why and what do we need. As a result, I’d like to be elected as the student representative at Faculty Board to share the international and local students’ ideas or requirements to the Board. In return, I’ll try my best to bring the quality resources of FBEL to all you guys. I am ready to hear your voice, what about you? Please vote for me, thank you so much!  

An electronic ballot for elections to these positions will be conducted from 9:00 am, Monday 2 December 2013 and close at 5:00 pm on Friday 6 December 2013.  

An email will be circulated at 9:00 am, Monday 2 December with the link to the online electronic ballot.

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