New resources for 2013

researchThe following new resources are now available at the library:

  • Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, Client Narratives, and Reference Works 
  • Counseling and Therapy in Video Vol 1 & 2 & 3 
  • In Response to the AIDS Crisis: Records of the National Commission 1983-1994
  • Joanna Briggs Institute Evidence Based Practice database 
  • MeL Maternity E-Learning Package
  • Nursing Education in Video and Rehabilitation Therapy in Video
  • PsycTESTS
  • SportDiscus Full Text
  • Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video
  • Video Journal of Counseling and Therapy
  • VLearn Collection Platinum Health Care (streamed video)
  • China Academic Journals
  • Jordan's Family Law Online 
  • Taylor and Francis Fresh journals collection of 148 titles
  • Wiley Blackwell Collection Upgrade - 160+ new titles

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