Name change and new research program

Judith Lumley Centre

A new name

MCHR has recently been renamed the Judith Lumley Centre in tribute to its founding Director, Professor Emerita Judith Lumley, who established the Centre in 1991 as a multidisciplinary research centre, with a broad public health and population focus and an inclusive approach to the social and medical aspects of health and care for mothers and infants.

A new research area

We are in the process of expanding our successful research program to include research on the transition to contemporary parenthood led by the - yet to fill - Inaugural Roberta Holmes Professorial Chair - Transition to Contemporary Parenthood. (The position is currently advertised.)

A generous donation

This new research program has been made possible by a generous gift to La Trobe University from a private donor, Mrs Roberta Holmes. Mrs Holmes is a private philanthropist. Her interest in parenting is personal. She believes that the challenges facing parents in the 21st century are far greater and more complex than ever before. She is funding the appointment of a Professorial Chair for five years to develop a major research program in this area.

The launch

We are officially launching the Roberta Holmes Professorial Chair, the transition to contemporary parenthood research program and the new name on November 15, 2013. The keynote speaker at the launch will be Natasha Stott Despoja, former Australian politician and former leader of the Australian Democrats, Deputy Chair, beyondblue, and Chair, Foundation to Prevent Violence Against Women and their Children.

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