Library database login change


The process for accessing library databases and e-resources on campus will change from the start of first semester.

Commencing 21 February, if you are on campus you will need to login to access library databases (except on terminals in library buildings). Previously this step was not required on campus. 


This change is required to ensure the university's licence agreements for library databases are honoured correctly. This means:

  • when accessing any e-resources available via the library website you will need to login with your username/password, even when you are on campus;
  • you will access resources on campus (except on library terminals) in the same way you currently access resources when off campus;
  • your login is only required the first time you access a library database or e-resource. Your login is remembered throughout a single session, even if you access multiple databases.

Note: you will have to login again if you close your browser.

If you have queries, issues or problems with accessing databases or e-resources, please provide feedback to the library via:


Authorised by Jennifer Peasley, University Librarian


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