La Trobe's iTunes U 'for credit' trial

iTunesUIn Semester 2, 2013 La Trobe University is trialling the use of iTunes U 'for credit' with the subject The Ancient Roman World. Students successfully enrolled in the fee-paying program will be given access to an iTunes U course which provides recorded lectures (podcasts) and supplementary learning resources and is open to learners from anywhere in the world. Student interaction will take place in a closed online forum environment, and audio podcasts recorded with questions and responses based on student contributions. Successful competition of the subject will result in a 'statement of attainment' and transcript of results, which can be used as the basis of applying for University credit in the future.

This trial builds on La Trobe's significant presence on the online learning platform, iTunes U. Since 2009, La Trobe has contributed more than 1200 podcasts and videos across 70 collections and 19 courses to iTunes U. La Trobe has a combined audience of more than 450,000 subscribers to subjects and more than 13 million downloads.

The Roman World is one of La Trobe's most popular iTunes U courses. Since its release in 2012 it has attracted more than 115,000 subscribers. Dr Rhiannon Evans, Lecturer in Ancient Mediterranean Studies, has been named one of twenty leading university instructors on iTunesU, the only academic not from an institution in the United States.

La Trobe's collection also spans from humanities, science, health sciences, business, mathematics and more. Some of our iTunes U highlights:

Principles of Physics, Dr David Hoxley
105,000 subscribers
Discussions of physics, particularly space science, materials and surface science, and x-ray science.

Principles of Human Nutrition, Dr Regina Belski
21,000 subscribers
There's a lot that isn't understood about the relationship between food and health, and the role it plays in the management of diseases and conditions.

The Algebra of Everything, Dr Marcel Jackson
What exactly is algebra? How can we find examples of it in everyday life?

Children's Literature, David Beagley
52,000 subscribers
In this subject, students study current theories of literature, with a focus on genres relating to children's literature as a form of social practice. Topics covered include critical analysis, traditional story forms, modernist and postmodern picture books, emerging formats, fantasy and realistic fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

You can read the press release on the Ancient Roman World iTunes U trial here.

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