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Borobudur Temple – Students and lecturer Petrus UsmanijEighteen students from La Trobe Business School Bendigo, Mildura and Melbourne campuses recently returned from a business study tour to Indonesia. 

During the eighteen day trip, students visited a range of businesses, tourist destinations and were exposed to local culture and traditions. 

Coordinators of the study tour Lecturer Dr Petrus Usmanij and Associate Lecturer Phillip Trebilcock have been very happy with outcomes from the trip.  

‘The 2013 Indonesian Business Study Tour was the most adventurous thus far. I watched the students learn and adapt to the different culture of Indonesia’ said Dr. Petrus Usmanij.  

Associate Lecturer Phillip Trebilcock agrees. 

‘Students were challenged through visiting such businesses as sweat shops’ said Phillip. 

Student’s reflections on the tour endorse their lecturer’s point of view. Melbourne student Vivek Mishra has many thoughts to share. 

‘We learned how the business processes differ from Australia and also about Indonesian Human Resources Management’ said Vivek

‘Wages for workers vary in comparison to Australia, as does the elements of risk they encounter at work. We have more appropriate OH&S laws to keep us safer at work’.  

Students meet with and attended lectures with local university students at Universitas Sumatera Utara. They also visited the Governor’s office in Sumatera, Bank Indonesia, the Sultan of Malaka’s Palace, the famous Borobudur Buddhist Temple, an orphanage, Sumatran Jungle and Lake Toba.

‘Seeing such a vast area of Indonesia has given me a far better understanding of the hurdles the Indonesian government faces’ said Mildura mature age student Trevor Brennan.

‘The trip gives you an invaluable insight into Indonesian business practices. The activities we did were of an excellent standard and it would be near impossible to organise individually’ said Bendigo student Martin Voigt.

The trip has made an impact to students in many ways. Whether it is recommending the trip others or making them look at Australian and their lifestyle with fresh eyes and new appreciation.  

‘My views on everything back home have been completely readjusted. I know treasure everything I have and the opportunities given to me a lot more than I used to’ said Vivek.

For more information visit the Indonesian Study Tour webpage

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