Interview with Deputy VC: Keith Nugent

Dr Roland Burke, postdoctoral research fellow from the History department, interviewed Professor Keith Nugent in this latest video.  

Roland and Keith spoke on a number of topical points:

  • How our Research Focus Area process may cultivate unconventional or transformative partnerships, in and outside of La Trobe 
  • Potential allocations of funding for ideas that are radical and exciting, but accompanied by higher levels of risk
  • How the 'Big Data' revolution may change the practice of research in the humanities and social sciences
  • Opportunities for La Trobe for further and deeper participation in large-scale national and international research infrastructure projects - including the synchrotron or the European Light Source Facility
  • Future opportunities between exercise science and physiology and biochemistry

Roland concludes the interview with an interesting hypothetical question:

  • Which Galilean moon would best play host to our first Jovian campus, and on what rationale has it been chosen? 

Dr Roland Burke interviews Professor Keith Nugent

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