How to help people become better parents

"Being a parent is the most responsible role most of us fill in life, yet one for which there's little, if any, preparation. Whatever else we do, whatever work - and parenting is work - we get some guidance, training, apprenticeship, course or qualification for it. But for this vitally important task, virtually nothing. And the large extended family with its help, support and advice is fast disappearing."

Roberta Holmes cited in an article in The Australian on November 13, 2013

On November 13, The Australian published an interview with Roberta Holmes about her most generous gift to La Trobe University, which will fund an innovative new program of research underpinning a more contemporary model of parenting – the first of its kind in Australia. This gift will establish the Inaugural Roberta Holmes Professorial Chair – Transition to Contemporary Parenthood. The article describes what motivates her donation.
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Although not mentioned in the article, the new program will form part of the research within the Judith Lumley Centre. The Centre is greatly indebted to Roberta Holmes for making it possible to extend our successful research into this area.

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