How (and why) to plan your career now

Do you know that most people spend more time planning a holiday than they spend planning their career? Given that the average career will last much longer than the average holiday, career planning is something that you should start thinking about now.

So what actually is career planning and why should you bother? Career planning is a life-long activity that involves all aspects of your life – study, work, volunteering, sports, etc. – and begins well before you finish uni. While it can be daunting to know where to start or what you want to do when you; finish your degree, career planning is important as it can help you to make informed decisions by enhancing your self-awareness, helping you to become aware of your options, assisting in the decision making process, and in taking action to help you achieve your career goals.

You can learn more about planning your career through participating in the Career Ready Program on your campus orenrolling in the online subject HUM2WRS: Work Ready Skills and Planning Your Career. The CareerDevelopment Centre also has helpful information about career planning on the website and for more individualised assistance, students from all campuses can book an appointment to speak with a qualified careers consultant.

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