Exploring Research Links with Henan

Exploring Research Links with Henan Province

On the 9th of October the Centre for China Studies hosted a delegation from the Henan Province Council for the Promotion of International Trade. Comprised of senior human resource officials representing provincial government organisations, large enterprises and universities, the delegation’s aim was to attract research expertise and explore research links to support the developing and transitional needs of the provincial economy.



The Centre for China Studies coordinated three sessions for the visiting delegation: engaging Faculty Associate Deans of Research to explore the potential for doctoral and post-doctoral research exchanges between Henan organisations and the University; engaging post-doctoral research students, both internal and external to La Trobe University, to explore recruitment opportunities to Henan organisations, and; engaging the Centre for China Studies directly to explore the future provision of short-term training and study tours to professionals from across the organisations represented by the delegation.

For further information, contact:
Ms Zhang Cai, Director, Henan Provincial Post-Doctoral Association, email: hnbsh2006@126.com; Tel: +86 371 69690116; or Centre for China Studies, Email: ChinaCentre@latrobe.edu.au Tel: 03 9479 6507

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