Education in Video update

Online learningEducation in Video has been updated recently with 431 additional videos/282 additional hours.

Examples include:

Annenberg Learner- Over 400 titles (60% transcribed) are now live, ranging from grades K-12, focusing on all academic areas: science, math, English, and social studies; as well as music and art education. 

Also included are teacher-training videos in the areas of: 
multiculturalism in the classroom, differentiated instruction, connecting school and home, instructional approaches, multiple intelligences, facilitating discussion, motivating students, assessment strategies, and more.

Connecting with the Arts: A Teaching Practices Library

Different Kinds of Smart: Multiple Intelligences

The Effective Teacher Series (8 titles) 

This bring us to a total of 4,306 titles and 1,301 hours of content!

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