Dr Mark E. Davis presents guest lecture


Dr Mark E. Davis recently presented a talk on foliage penetration radar to electronic engineering students at La Trobe University. All attendees found the talk a fascinating insight into the radar technology.

Foliage Penetration (FOPEN) Radar is a technical approach to find and characterise man-made objections under dense foliage, as well as characterising the foliage itself. It has applications in both military surveillance and civilian geospatial imaging.
Dr Davis spoke about the early history of FOPEN Radar, battlefield surveillance and the early experiments in foliage penetration radar.

These systems were developed for both military and commercial applications, during a time of rapid awareness of the need and ability to operate in a dense signal environment. The techniques developed for ultra wideband and ultra wide-angle image information were discussed by Dr Davis, as well as new research in Multi-mode Ultra-Wideband Radar, with the design of both SAR and moving target indication (MTI) FOPEN systems, and the benefits and difficulties in designing these ultra-wideband (UWB) systems, and operation in real world electromagnetic environments.

We thank Dr Davis for his talk and the AESS, La Trobe University, Engineers Australia, IET and the IEEE Victorian Section for their support.

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