Congratulations John Tee

Please join me in congratulating John Tee on the successful assessment of his Doctor of Clinical Psychology thesis entitled “Development and Evaluation of a Measure of Collaborative Empiricism in Cognitive Therapy”. John was very capably supervised by Nik Kazantzis with acknowledgment to the contributions of Art Stukas in the development of the measure, and Dr. David Farchione from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the use of multi-level modelling.

The overseas examiner, who remains a close collaborator of Dr. Aaron T. Beck, and is considered a leading expert in CBT research in their own right, wrote the following in their report: “I have examined many doctoral dissertations in my 25 year academic career and this dissertation ranks as one of the best, if not the very best, that I have read. I congratulate Mr. Tee for submitting an outstanding doctoral dissertation. It is comprehensive, meticulous, and authoritative in its approach to CBT process research. The program of research described in this dissertation is ambitious, rigorous, and extraordinarily significant. Psychotherapy process research is one of the most difficult topics for even seasoned, well-funded research teams.” Despite these very strong words of praise he still requested “minor changes”.

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