Changes to Global Market Info Database

eurThe Global Market Information Database (GMID) has recently become Passport (Euromonitor) and the library now has the new content available for your research.

Passport (Euromonitor) is a resource that provides research and analysis on markets and industries as well as countries and companies, including brands. In addition it provides information on consumer lifestyles, market sizes and consumer decision-making. It also includes historical analysis, including statistics and markets, demographic and economic forecasts.

There are now four new industries to choose from: Automotive, Ingredients, Luxury Goods, and Packaging.

New features include:


Research and analysis includes global reports and commentary which aims to provide insight on drivers and behaviours shaping future automotive demand. In addition it also includes statistics and reports on pull factors and influencers, as well as consumer trends and lifestyles.


Research and analysis covers the differences of consumption and usage of ingredients from country to country. It also identifies growth areas  in this industry.

Luxury Goods

Research and analysis covers material from 32 countries worldwide.



Research and analysis covers 52 countries for the following: beverages, food, home care, beauty and personal care, dog and cat food, tissue and hygiene, and tobacco packaging.


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