ALICE interview with Prof Alberto Gomes

Alberto GomesCentre for Dialogue Director Prof Alberto Gomes spent the Australian summer teaching in Europe. Whilst in Portugal, he was interviewed by Maria Paula Meneses for the ALICE Project.

ALICE is a research project coordinated by Boaventura de Sousa Santos at the University of Coimbra. Its goal is to develop new theoretical and social change paradigms based on the transnational exchange of experiences and knowledge sets. More specifically, it aims at researching to what extent Europe can learn from the non-European world, in four main areas: democratising democracy; transformative constitutionalism; interculturality and State reform; human rights (the right to health in particular) and other aspects of human dignity.

In this interview, Prof Gomes discussed at length how indigenous onto-epistemology can contribute to the quest for alternative epistemologies and visions for sustainable futures.

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