What kind of teacher are you?

What kind of teacher are you?

Teachers do more than teach. Education is not about textbooks or marking rubrics. It’s how you make an impact on someone else’s life. A good teacher can foster a lifelong love of learning.

As a teacher, you might help your students understand seemingly impossible concepts. Grow their passions. Give them the confidence to build a meaningful future.

Good teachers are needed everywhere – and there are so many ways to be a teacher. Once you’ve started, there are also many ways to grow your career or develop a new expertise.

What kind of teacher could you be?

Early childhood

Play, naps and carrot sticks

You’re never too old for picture books and slime. The power of play intrigues you. Patience is your strength. You’re happy to tie shoelaces 20 times a day and you’re not frightened by the occasional pee incident. You enjoy caring for babies and toddlers, and you want to give young children the best start in life.

You could study:

Primary school

Laying the foundations

Primary school is all about the building blocks. Not just the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy, these early years are important for developing socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. From Foundation to Year 6, children learn how to get along with others, focus, make decisions, problem solve and become more independent. As a primary school teacher, you’re just as comfortable designing play experiences — so children understand the world around them — as guiding your students through discovery and inquiry projects in the classroom. You do it all: reading, writing, history, geography, music and STEM. You’re always up for an interpretive art project.

You could study:

High school

The teen years

Teenagers don’t scare you. You remember those transformative high school years. You want to guide others through Year 7-12 – from the complexity of puberty to the stress of final year exams. Maybe you’re a sucker for a graduation ceremony (is that dust in your eye?).

You want to teach your passion, whether it’s science, maths, English, arts or a language. With one eye on the future, you give your students the skills they’ll need to succeed.

You could study:

Inclusion, diversity and special education

Supporter and advocate

You believe in inclusion and education for everyone. You’re passionate about helping people flourish, particularly those who are at risk or live with a disability. Special education allows you to work with our most vulnerable and play an important role between students, families and schools. You’re easy-going, patient and you believe in enjoying the journey – not just the destination.

You could study:

Outdoor or physical education

Coach: on and off the field

Camping is your idea of a weekend well-spent. You’re at home in a kayak or your well-worn hiking boots. You’ve never met a sport you didn’t like. As a rule, you prefer to be outdoors than behind a desk.

Outdoor education gives you more options outside the classroom. You would love to work at a school or youth group camp, recreation centre or adventure travel company.

You could study:


The innovator and big-picture thinker

Where others see a challenge, you see an opportunity. You don’t run away from the big issues. If you see a problem with the system, you change it. You dive deep until you have a solution or improvement. Small-scale change isn’t enough for you anymore. Perhaps you’ve been teaching for years. You want more. You’re ready for the next step.

You could study:

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