Meet the first recipient of our Vice-Chancellor Scholarship – Vietnam

Meet the first recipient of our Vice-Chancellor Scholarship – Vietnam

Back in high school, Hoang Anh dreamt of taking her study goals abroad. Now in 2020, she is the first recipient of the Vice-Chancellor Scholarship – Vietnam. This prestigious scholarship will cover 100 per cent of the tuition fees for the duration of her degree, meaning her dream of taking education to the world can now be realised.

Awarded by Vice-Chancellor Prof John Dewar, the online ceremony was attended at the highest level by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof Richard Speed, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) Dr Stacey Farraway, and senior academics and staff from throughout the university.

In awarding Hoang Anh, Prof. Dewar remarked, ‘I’m sure you have made your parents and loved ones very proud with your hard work and dedication, and I’m confident you will reach your goals and make all of us proud during your university studies and afterwards.’

In the lead up to her first semester at La Trobe, we spoke to Hoang Anh about her journey to this point and what she wants to achieve from here.

A desire to bring education to the world for equity and social justice

A high-achieving student throughout high school,  Hoang was initially offered a place in her home country. Ever the ambitious student, she instead chose to be the first in her in family to study abroad. After looking at various universities, she chose to study her Bachelor of Arts at La Trobe, majoring in English and sociology.

‘There are many reasons why I admire La Trobe. Firstly, I was amazed by the range of majors offered – 50 is such a huge number. That variety of majors implies La Trobe values diversity.’

‘Diversity is also one of the four core values in La Trobe, as well as inclusiveness, equity and social justice. That makes me feel like La Trobe is the right place to harbour my dream of bringing education to everyone in the world.’

‘Lastly, I’m sure getting a world-class education at La Trobe will make it the best place to realise my dream as a teacher.’

Hoang Anh has already made remarkable contributions to her community. She has volunteered with Project Sugar – a non-profit organisation working for child welfare, taught English to underprivileged students through the Asia Association of Education and Exchange, and even supported exchange students who have travelled to Vietnam in understanding local culture and systems.

‘The fact is not everyone has access to education, and often those who have financial resources to attend school do not appreciate them. The mere thought of such a contrast really motivates me to work in the education sector to instil in students a passion for studies.’

From online to on campus

With the current COVID-19 restrictions in place,  Hoang Anh will commence her Bachelor of Arts in Semester 1 online, arriving in Australia to study on campus once the border restrictions have been lifted.

‘The Bundoora Campus is situated near the heart of Melbourne – a place I have dreamt about since high school.

Hoang Anh says she is looking forward to making friends there and becoming part of the Vietnamese Students Association (LAVISA).

‘I want to introduce my Vietnamese culture, food, costume and even performances to the students and wider community.’

Bringing education to her community and beyond

Upon graduation, she wants to advance to La Trobe’s Master of Teaching (Secondary) to become a fully qualified teacher, make the most of her time in Australia and gain more experience to improve her English skills.

‘Then I’d like to return to my home country and work at my former high school, Lê Hồng Phong High School for the Gifted. There, I want to apply what I’ve learnt and make a change – not only in at my high school, but on a larger scale.’

Hoang Anh says that instead of being a lesson giver, she wants to be a good influence on young people who need someone to guide them and hear their stories.

‘There is a saying that goes: “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.” However, for me, I want to be hired to support my students in materialising their dreams because, deep down, their dreams are mine.’

You could also be rewarded for your excellence at La Trobe

If you’re a Vietnamese citizen, there’s still time to apply for the Vice-Chancellor Scholarship in semester 2, 2021. The application closing date is 16 April 2021.

We’ve also added our region-specific international scholarships that provide tuition fee reductions for selected courses of up to 30 per cent. These scholarships are available to all citizens of the eligible countries – regardless of where you currently live.

Find out if you’re eligible for one of the generous scholarships offered at La Trobe. Start your La Trobe degree online in Semester 1 and join us on campus once borders reopen.

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