Using the law to fight for justice

Using the law to fight for justice

Hammad is passionate about human rights.

After excelling at legal studies in high school, he was searching for a law degree that offered him more than just expertise in his interests of law and international relations. He wanted to help make the world a fairer place.

When he discovered La Trobe’s passionate staff and students – as well as our flexible double degrees – he knew where he belonged. Now in his fourth year of La Trobe’s Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Relations, Hammad is already creating real and positive change.

Watch Hammad talk about his time studying law and international relations at La Trobe.

‘La Trobe’s equipped me to make a positive impact on my community through its strong emphasis to graduates on taking up practical work in areas they’re passionate about,’ says Hammad.

‘I participated in the peace summit of emerging leaders in Bangkok in 2018 through La Trobe’s Excellence Academy. When we came back, we thought: how can we bring peace to Australia in terms of our local communities?’

With support and mentoring from his lecturers at La Trobe, Hammad’s had the opportunity to volunteer in a local community organisation and make a real difference.

As he puts it: ‘I don’t necessarily need to travel to the other end of the world to make an impact. I can make an impact at home.’

Want to use your power for good? Find out how with a law degree at La Trobe.

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