How Unitemps can find you a flexible job

How Unitemps can find you a flexible job

If you haven’t yet heard about Unitemps at La Trobe, you might be missing out on valuable career help.

Unitemps is a job recruitment agency that’s part of La Trobe’s Career Ready program. The service helps you access work that suits your study schedule, so you can develop career ready skills, gain real-world experience and earn money while studying. It’s open to all students, of all ages, as well as recent graduates.

To give you more insight into the Unitemps experience, La Trobe students Jorja Hickey (Bachelor of Business – Event Management) and Sanjog Parajuli (Master of Professional Accounting) share what it’s like to register with Unitemps and land a job.

Support from recruitment experts

For Sanjog, the biggest benefit to finding work through Unitemps is the flexibility that’s on offer. Unitemps offers a variety of casual, part time, short-term and full-time opportunities, as well as industry-linked work placements and some overseas roles.

Unitemps’ professional staff are committed to helping you find work that complements your study commitments – something that’s crucial when you’ve got many things to balance. By sending them your resume, they can refer you to companies, recommend positions that might interest you, and help with any paperwork that needs to be completed. And when you apply, you’ll benefit from having someone who knows your experience pitch you to the company.

Sanjog feels that the specialist support provided by Unitemps takes the stress out of applying for jobs.

“It’s easy to apply to jobs from Unitemps. The main thing, for me at least, is people like Belinda (Unitemps Recruitment Consultant). I just tell her to put me through for a certain job and there’s no hassle,” he says.

Sanjog now works as a Library Assistant at La Trobe and believes he has the best job on campus.

“Working in the library has been fun. When I say to my friends that I’m working there they ask, ‘How did you get a job like that!?’. I feel very lucky,” he says.

Unitemps can help you find flexible work while you complete your studies at La Trobe.

Friendly on-campus assistance

For Jorja, who works as an Events Officer, the best part about Unitemps is the approachable on-campus base they offer to job-seekers.

“You can just pop in! At the start, I had to fill out forms and bring my passport in, and it was nice to go somewhere and have a hub,” she says.

You can easily access Unitemps’ drop-in service at La Trobe’s Bundoora and City campuses. Visiting in person means you can build a stronger relationship with your recruitment consultant. And the more staff get to know you, the better their ability to refer you for the right opportunities.

“Students like the service because it’s more personalised than a typical recruitment agency – they can talk to me one-on-one and have their specific questions answered,” says Belinda McIvor, Unitemps Recruitment Consultant.

“I often also refer students to our Careers service if I feel their application could be improved, to increase their chances for next time. And I sometimes sit in on interviews, to give students feedback on how they went.”

Career-relevant roles and transferable skills

Unitemps can help you find work that will build your toolkit of portable soft skills. As a library assistant, Sanjog is developing communication and interpersonal skills, organisational skills, digital acumen, customer service experience and team work abilities, all of which are relevant to a variety of workplaces.

And for Jorja, working as an Events Officer has close ties to her field of study. She loves her position and knows she’s getting hands-on experience for her future event management career.

Growing popularity means more students with jobs

Unitemps is growing – both in the number of roles advertised and the number of students registered for work. The agency sends a weekly newsletter highlighting job opportunities to a subscriber list of almost 1,800 students. They also run regular onboarding workshops, which give newly-registered students a chance to meet staff in person and ask questions.

The workshops have expanded in size to meet growing student demand. And more employers – including teams within La Trobe University itself – are coming onboard to offer students roles.

“A number of different departments within La Trobe have chosen to use our agency and we’re getting a lot of enquiries, so we definitely anticipate even more roles to be advertised through us in 2018,” Belinda says.

Both Jorja and Sanjog agree that their experience with Unitemps has been great and encourage students to register. As more jobs are advertised to more people, joining Unitemps will increase your chances of finding a role that fits.

Are you looking for flexible work? Register with Unitemps at La Trobe to find a job that suits your study needs.