Ten ways to accelerate your career at La Trobe’s Postgraduate Expo

Ten ways to accelerate your career at La Trobe’s Postgraduate Expo

Brought to you by La Trobe University’s Postgraduate Expo. Connect with industry experts and find your clever. Join us: Tuesday 9 October at our Melbourne Campus.

Thinking about your future career?

Perhaps you’re already studying and not quite ready to swap your study desk for an office desk. Or perhaps you want to go back to university to improve your career possibilities. Either way, a postgraduate degree could be a clever move.

Head to La Trobe University’s inaugural Postgraduate Expo on Tuesday 9 October to find out more about the ins and outs of further study.

You’ll hear from a bunch of movers and shakers who’ll dish out insider knowledge on jobs of the future and ways to unlock your career potential.

Connect with renowned Australian speakers, network with leading employers and explore postgraduate study options to accelerate your career.

We have sessions running throughout the day and evening, all aimed at giving you the best-possible information about postgraduate study. And that’s not all: our special guest speakers include:

  • Todd Sampson, award-winning documentary maker, television presenter and businessman. Todd will be presenting BRAIN.POWER, a follow-on from his hit show, BODYHACK.
  • Jan Owen AM, highly regarded social entrepreneur and CEO of the Foundation for Young Australians. Jan will host a panel discussion that explores the changing world of work.

Other highlights include:

  • Free LinkedIn headshots
  • Free lunch and refreshments
  • One-on-one course information sessions
  • Panel discussions on the future of work
  • Access to current postgraduate students, course advisors and academics
  • Speed networking with employers
  • Special presentations on La Trobe’s industry-leading cybersecurity and digital health offerings

Keen to whet your appetite? Check out ten essential Nest articles that anticipate the themes of the Expo.

1. Women in STEM: The Next Generation

Georgia Atkin-Smith, also known as “Some Blonde Scientist”, is one of La Trobe’s prized students. At the Postgraduate Expo, she’ll speak about her recent postgraduate journey in a field traditionally dominated by men.

For Nest, Georgia and La Trobe alumnus, Michelle Gallaher, spoke to us about the importance of role models for women in the sciences.

2. Leading your business into the global market

Today, it’s more important than ever to build your networks and contacts within your industry of choice. At the Postgraduate Expo, our speed networking sessions give you the opportunity to speak with a broad range of employers and share your career aspirations.

James Fazzino is a La Trobe alumnus and CEO of ASX Top 50 company, Incitec Pivot Ltd.

For Nest, James shares how he transformed a $400M fertiliser cooperative into an ASX TOP 50 Company worth $8 billion.

3. An MBA is rapidly becoming a prerequisite for career advancement

The Postgraduate Expo features a panel discussion on the ins and outs of studying an MBA. It’s hosted by La Trobe’s MBA Director, Dr Geraldine Kennett, and features current MBA students.

La Trobe alumnus, Marcus Guthrie, completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in late 2015. He studied night classes while working fulltime and is now the CEO of Mildura Health Private Hospital.

For Nest, Marcus shares his insights on why you need an MBA to progress your career.

4. The future of work

At the Postgraduate Expo, the panel ‘The Future of Work’, will be facilitated by Jan Owen AM. The panel includes Mira Stammers, Sophie Cachia and Georgia Atkin-Smith. Together, they’ll explore the rapidly changing world of work and the skills today’s employees need.

Businesses need to be able to adapt to the changing circumstances of the modern world. And the same goes for people. We don’t just do one job anymore, but many.

For Nest, we explore how being flexible and able to think on your feet can lead you in all kinds of interesting directions.

5. Cybersecurity

At the Postgraduate Expo, Professor Jill Slay AM, Optus Cyber Chair at La Trobe University, will share her experience and expertise in cybersecurity, among the world’s fastest-growing industries.

Whether it’s a dating site or the Australian Bureau of Statistics, you’ll find no shortage of high-profile data breaches. Cybercrime isn’t going away, so the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals will only increase.

How do you fight the many-headed monster of cybercrime? Find out in this Nest exclusive.

6. The habits of highly successful postgrads

Throughout the Postgraduate Expo, we’ll be exploring what you need to know to make postgraduate study a success.

What do successful postgraduate students do to stand out from the crowd?

For Nest, we explore the seven habits of successful postgrads you’ll actually want to try.

7. More on successful postgrads

While we’re on this subject, don’t forget about soft skills. Being a good manager is about more than the size of your resume, your unparalleled product knowledge, or even your ability to boss people around. Those things help, but if you want to succeed, you’re going to need to know about people, too.

On Nest, we show you how.

8. Be ready for the future

Earlier, we spoke about how versatility and adaptability are key to finding a better job. What if we said you could be ready for a career that doesn’t even exist yet? And no, it doesn’t mean inventing a time machine.

On Nest, we present three ways to gain the right skills for finding a job that doesn’t exist yet.

9. What to expect in a one-on-one consultation

At the Postgraduate Expo, we’re holding one-on-one course information sessions throughout the day. Ignite your passion for further study at our all-day showcase of La Trobe’s postgraduate courses. Connect with senior academics and course advisors to find out more about the course of your choice and the career it could lead to.

When considering postgraduate study, it’s vital to make informed choices about your course. But sorting through the information can be daunting.

For Nest, Kristy Shay, course specialist and presenter at the Postgraduate Expo, takes us inside a postgrad consultation. Learn how talking to an expert can help you achieve clarity about what to study.

10. Digital Health

The Postgraduate Expo features an important discussion about Digital Health. In this session, you’ll learn more about the growing impact of technology on the health industry. Find out how the digital boom will lead to major improvements in health outcomes and what kinds of future careers could arise.

Did you know that the next time you tweet about your flu, those 140 characters could lead to improvements in healthcare? The data we provide through our social media accounts and  smart phones means information about health trends is available in a way it’s never been before.

For Nest, we explore how technology and big data will keep us healthy.

Connect with industry experts and find your clever at the La Trobe Postgraduate Expo, from 10.30am-4pm, Tuesday 9 October at our Melbourne Campus.

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