Seven ways to make the most of Open Day

Seven ways to make the most of Open Day

Choosing where and what to study is a big step. Open days are designed to provide you with as much information as possible so you can feel confident in your decision.

From exploring the university’s facilities to chatting with current students about course options, here’s how to make the most of your open day visits.

1. Plan ahead

First things first: book your attendance (this can usually be done online and only takes a minute or two) and download the university’s open day itinerary.

Make note of which sessions interest you and what times they’re on, and start to create your own personal planner for the day.

Don’t forget to allow some time for breaks. Most open days offer live entertainment, competitions and a range of food options.

2. Get the lay of the land

It’s also a good idea to look at a map of the campus. This will help you work out where to park or enter the campus at open day. After all, there’s nothing worse than starting off your visit feeling disoriented.

On the actual day, make sure you join a guided tour of the campus, facilities, student services and accommodation. Not only is this a good way to assess what’s on offer beyond lecture theatres, it also helps familiarise you with your potential new surroundings.

Before your open day visit, check out what kinds of sessions and activities are offered, create an itinerary and familiarise yourself with a map of the campus.

3. Take a friend

Bringing a friend, parent or partner along can be helpful. They can provide the moral support you might need on the day, as well as give feedback on the university.

Having a second opinion, especially from someone who knows you well, is always useful when making a big life decision.

4. Find the right course for you

If you’re still weighing up your options, open days can help you work out whether a course or university is the right fit for you.

Try to cram in as many course expos as possible. Here’s your opportunity to gain a much deeper understanding of what’s involved in the courses you’re interested in. You’ll get to explore the various faculties and subjects and catch a glimpse of student projects and course work. This will help you feel more confident in making your decision.

Head to a course expo and chat to staff and students. They can give you invaluable insight into the study areas you’re interested in.

5. Ask questions

Open days provide the rare chance to chat to current students and staff. Make the most of it. They’ll give you first-hand experience of the university and its courses, providing you with insight into your potential future.

Before the day, scour the university website and course guides so you can arrive armed with the burning questions you want answered.

You might ask for tips about the courses you’re interested in, as well as information about placement and disciplinary subjects

6. Learn about the campus community

Attending information sessions is an excellent way to get to know current and future students while learning as much as you can about the university. These sessions provide a nice taster of uni life. You might receive advice on staying healthy while studying, writing academic essays and more.

Between information sessions, check out the student-run clubs and societies on show. Joining a student society is ideal for connecting with likeminded people and forging lifelong friendships (while also adding a competitive edge to your resume by demonstrating your commitment to extra-curricular activities).

Bring a friend or two, get to know more about the campus environment and find out what kind of student-run clubs are offered at the university.

7. Find out where a degree could take you

At university, you can broaden your horizons and gain experiences that help shape your view of the world. Many courses offer more than just classroom learning. For example, you could add an internship to your CV or spend a semester overseas.

Open days are your chance to discover exactly what’s on offer, building a much clearer picture of career options and the courses that can help you land your dream job.


Thinking of studying at La Trobe next year? Put Open Day in your calendar.