See yourself transforming student experience

See yourself transforming student experience

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We’ve been one of Australia’s pioneering universities for over forty-five years, renowned for our academic excellence and research achievements.

To continue our innovative approach to the student learning experience, we’re recruiting two Chairs in Teaching and Learning. The two Chairs will each lead teaching innovation in one of our two colleges: Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce (ASSC) and Science, Health and Engineering (SHE).

We spoke with Professor Jane Long, Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice-President, about the future of education at La Trobe and how our scholars will profoundly contribute to making students ready for their future.

What can you tell us about La Trobe’s culture of teaching excellence?

As part of our Future Ready Strategy we are undertaking a large program of work in improving Teaching and Learning Quality. A significant part of this is recognising and supporting our teaching staff.

An exciting development as part of this is the Future Teaching Leaders project. This will identify a number of gifted teachers at an early stage of their academic career and support them through targeted mentoring and professional development. This is part of our strategic commitment to ensure a clear and appealing academic track for those dedicated to great teaching.

We’re looking for new people to become Teaching Chairs – they will have an essential part to play in this project. In 2016, we’ve also launched a fund supporting the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to ensure this vital research continues.

We are absolutely committed to innovation in teaching, and we’ll be supporting projects that enhance the learning experience for our students and drive improvements in the quality of teaching throughout the University.

Why is La Trobe the place to be for intelligent and forward-thinking students and staff who want to make a difference in the world?

La Trobe’s mission is to pursue world class research to address some of the world’s most pressing issues, to cultivate a culture of social inclusion and excellence for students and the community. From its inception, La Trobe has sought to be different than other universities. Our aim has been to broaden participation and inclusiveness in tertiary education while pursuing world class research.

We structure our curriculum, teaching, and support services to ensure our students have an outstanding experience at La Trobe and are able to find satisfying employment after graduating. We are committed to continuing to increase our diverse student body and to respond to learning needs, supporting students to pursue academic and career success.

What can you tell us about the new roles in your team?

These are challenging roles and will, I am sure, prove highly rewarding to the right candidates. Their uniqueness is testament to the University’s commitment to excellence in teaching and learning and providing an outstanding student experience across all of our operations.

How will this fit in with La Trobe’s Digital Learning Strategy to future-proof students?

The Digital Learning Strategy will transform the learning experience for all our students. We are committed to 60 percent of our courseware being delivered through engaging, high-quality blended learning environments.

The Teaching Chairs will be integral to achieving these targets at College level. They will provide guidance to staff on creating engaging active learning experiences, working with colleagues in La Trobe Learning and Teaching.

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