Meet the cutest members of the La Trobe community

Meet the cutest members of the La Trobe community

We’ve definitely discovered that self-isolation is tough, but one thing is clear: pets make everything better.

Sure, working or studying from home has its perks. Trackpants are an acceptable choice for your morning meeting or lecture. Zoom backgrounds mean you can work from bed and no one will know. No commute to uni means you can get from the desk to the couch for a night of Netflix in record time.

But for many of us, working side-by-side with our animal companions is the biggest perk of all.

When the uni’s operations moved online as part of the response to COVID-19, members of La Trobe’s community took to social media to share photos and videos of their beloved pets under hashtags #petsoflatrobe and #petsatlatrobe. The phenomenon kicked off when our very own Vice-Chancellor tweeted a photo of his very good dogs.

The University even went head-to-head with other institutions on a national scale in the #AusUniPetWars hashtag.

Here, we take a look at some of the very best pets La Trobe has to offer.*

*Note: all pets are best pets.

Let’s get things started with a very helpful boy hard at work:

This kitty seems a little confused about the sort of mouse he should be hunting:

When the lack of human contact is starting to get to you:

The show must go on during self-isolation, especially for puppies like Thora who’s a part of La Trobe’s PTSD assistance dog training program:

Rabbits helping their humans to drive innovation:

Being stuck in quarantine means you just have to let it all out sometimes:

Cats are a surefire way of making data analysis more fun:

Humans aren’t the only ones affected by the uncertain regulations around getting a haircut:

It’s the perfect time to welcome new family members of the feline variety:

This cat has probably made more of an effort to look presentable than the rest of us studying and working from home:

Let’s not forget our slithery friends:

Most of us can relate to this little guy:

Some very good and smart dogs:

Finally, special thanks must be given to Oreo who diligently proofread this article:

Have any adorable photos of your pets helping you work or study? Jump on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #petsoflatrobe or #petsatlatrobe to get involved.

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