Meet a high-achieving marketer who believes university is more than academic success

Meet a high-achieving marketer who believes university is more than academic success

Good communication skills can help you get ahead in a range of fields. Prepare for career success with a Bachelor of Arts at La Trobe University.

Natasya Rallios has always had plenty of drive. While she was a student at La Trobe, she also worked in the university and took on many other extracurricular projects.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and is now working as a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Mentone Grammar. She explains why she chose La Trobe, what she gained from her time here, and what she’s achieved since.

La Trobe Bachelor of Arts alumnus Natasya Rallios: “You may not realise it at the time, but every single opportunity benefits your future.”

I wanted to select a course at a university that had connections to industry. I completed three internships, an overseas short program and I also had the chance work at La Trobe as a student ambassador and marketing casual. I’ve had a number of employers comment on how busy I’ve been at university.

For me, it wasn’t just about achieving academic success. It was about working with different teams, getting involved in something new, applying my knowledge outside of the classroom and learning to be an all-rounder. These are skills that employers look for when hiring, and as a La Trobe graduate, I’m confident that these skills will help me in any job.

I love working in different teams and developing my skills outside of work. In 2010 I was awarded with the Australian Defence Force Leadership and Teamwork Award, and in 2015, Telstra and their business partners selected me as one of the top ten best public speakers after representing my team on stage at an Australian industry event in Sydney.

My greatest achievement since graduating has been being recognised by the Australian Government. I was selected by Advance, Australia’s largest global network of high-achieving Australians, to be mentored by Jeremy Balkin. Jeremy is the Head of Innovation for HSBC Bank USA, an award-winning author and the 2017 Global Australian Award Winner. I had the opportunity to meet Jeremy at the 2017 Global Australian Awards held in Sydney.

I enjoy storytelling, especially in radio, television, digital marketing and sports journalism. I believe that writing and communicating for different audiences across different formats and having an interest in what is happening around the world is really important.

No matter what career path you take, good communication is essential in every industry. I’ve been able to apply and further develop my writing and communication skills in everything I’ve been involved in. I love that I’m using the skills I developed in my degree every single day.

You may not realise it at the time, but every single opportunity benefits your future. I was privileged to be one of fifteen students involved in the organisation of Melbourne Webfest as a member of the PR and Marketing team, even though I didn’t study marketing. I had the opportunity to work with professionals in the industry and get a taste of what it’s like.

La Trobe was my second home. I felt comfortable approaching academics and other professionals for advice and assistance, I felt valued and I made lots of friends. I’m proud of the university I chose.