Join one of the world’s fastest-moving industries

Join one of the world’s fastest-moving industries

They’re some of the world’s fastest-moving industries. And they’re not showing any signs of slowing down. Careers in IT and engineering that didn’t exist a decade ago are demanding graduates who can keep up with the pace.

So, how can you arm yourself with the skills you’ll need in a job that could have dramatically evolved again in another ten years?

It’s all about connecting with industry and keeping up with the latest technology, says cybersecurity graduate Maha Afaneh. She excelled during her time at La Trobe and was named Australia’s top cybersecurity tertiary student of 2019. To cap off a brilliant year, Maha landed a spot in Deloitte’s graduate program.

Cybersecurity graduate Maha Afaneh in the data room at La Trobe University

Companies are seeking out cybersecurity graduates to bolster the long-term economic and reputational security of their companies. But time and time again, they’re coming up against the same problem. There aren’t enough highly-skilled specialists to fill their positions.

“There’s an intense demand for cybersecurity graduates, which will continue to grow as more organisations realise they need specialists,” Maha says. “I felt like it was a choice that provided job security into the future.”

With a global shortage of cybersecurity talent, La Trobe graduates can expect to pursue careers in industries as diverse as business, government, health, defence and law enforcement.

La Trobe is connected with the big players in the field—think Optus, Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Symantec—who collaborate on course design to ensure students are equipped to deal with the ever-changing needs of real-world organisations.

Students connect with industry professionals on placement, at networking events, on projects and in the classroom.

“Our professors are a mix of academics and industry insiders,” Maha says. “We’re connected throughout our studies. You access advice and find out about initiatives that you wouldn’t otherwise, without knowing people in the industry. For example, one of my professors is currently at Microsoft, and he recommended a new networking app to me. It allowed me to build my connections with others in the industry.”

IT and engineering students at La Trobe get to explore cutting-edge facilities and technology, including state-of-the-art buildings, new innovation labs and 24/7 collaborative workspaces.

“We can access licensed tools and software that usually cost thousands of dollars, all for free while we study,” Maha says.

The tight-knit classroom environment means students are free to express ideas without judgement. Together, they collaborate and problem solve, building the confidence and skills they’ll need to adapt in the future.

After all, adaptability is key as the threats to organisations across all sectors continue to grow. Issues including cybercrime and data breaches can cost companies billions and permanently damage their brands. Our news feeds are filled with infamous cases, like that of social media giant Facebook who reportedly lost $119 billion in the wake of its Cambridge Analytica scandal.

“There are so many kinds of opportunities,” Maha says. “We’re living in one of the most thriving economies in the world, which makes us a target for cybercrime. I’d like to make an impact on a national scale.”

Like Maha, you too can tackle the latest tech challenges and pursue an in-demand career in IT or engineering. Now is the time.

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